New "Xray Effect" Infrared Filter

New "X ray Effect" Infrared Filter

Special filter makes X ray Effect for your Cell Phone Camera a reality!

Fits all Cell Phones & Tablets

This specially-designed X-ray Effect filter turns an ordinary cell phone camera into an "X-ray Effect" Infrared Camera in an infrared environment.

It sees right through certain clothes, dark windows and sunglasses ! This technology is here today.

The filter is ideal for law enforcement officers, and security and surveillance personnel.

It is the number one tool used in Paranormal Studies.

The theory behind how it works is really simple. Many types of clothing allow light and infrared light to pass through the fabric.

This light is reflected back through the clothing, off the skin, to the naked eye. What we normally see is both the reflected normal light mixed with the Infrared light. The Infrared Optic filters the normal light out, leaving only the Infrared light and a few ambient light waves.

The result…the clothing (and many other materials) become more transparent.

The best fabrics to see-through with this Xray effect filter are silks, swimwear (most swimwear is designed to allow some UV light to pass through to help with tan lines, and in doing so, allows the IR to pass through as well), and most types of synthetic material like leotards.

Note: Must be used in an Infrared environment, Infrared emitter, Halogen Lights etc. Your results will vary do to the hot mirror in your camera that filters out Infrared light. This is used in high end cameras to produce a better picture. Learn more about the use of Infrared Filters on the web.

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"I have been using this product detecting insect infestations and skin" 

Winfred Joshlin


"Wow, It does work. Black and white pics are awesome"

John Delgado
" I use this on my mini cam and it works great so its not just for cell phone"
Tommy Kilgor
Satisfied Customer
 "Great Product"
William Perchwell
Law Inforcement
"I thought ths was snake oil, it does work"
Peter Panquilus
Bank Manager

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